Premier Equine Sport Kandarenzügel "Leonardo"

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    sehr schmaler Lederzügel (1.3cm)
    bestes italienisches Zaumleder
    zum herkömmlichen Einschnallen
    Edelstahl Verschlüsse
    Länge 54" = 137cm

    These classic, plain leather reins are crafted from the very finest Italian leather for increased durability and suppleness. Suitable for use both at home and at competitions.

    At ½” wide, they are ideal for use with a double bridle or by a rider with smaller hands. Finished with stainless steel billets they make a stunning addition to any bridle.

    Plain Leather Reins: Key features...
    ½” (4/8) wide
    54” length
    Italian leather
    Stainless steel billet fastenings to attach to bit