Premier Equine Techno-Wool Glocken

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Gummiglocken mit Techno-Wolle .
Robust und bequem, ideal für das tägliche Training oder Auslauf.

Traditional over reach protection with anti-rub Techno Wool coronet lining.

The boot is made wholly from rubber, which wraps around the hoof and protects the coronet band. Rubber is a natural shock absorber with elastic and viscous properties, making it ideal for over reach protection that will retain its shape and deflect energy from strikes and impact.

Lined around the top of the boot with Techno Wool this technical material has a dense, fibrous texture which is a natural shock absorber and helps to wick away moisture & provide even pressure. Ideal for horses with sensitive skin or horses prone to rubbing.

Durable microfiber leather straps secure the double Velcro fastening.
A great choice for everyday training or turnout.
Curled lip design for comfort
Retains shape
Absorbs shock and protects against impact
Sold in pairs
Your Techno Wool Rubber Bell Over Reach Boots come inside a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag

Care & Washing Instructions
We recommend hosing the boots off with cold water and leaving to dry out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.