Premier Equine Unterdecke 200g

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optimal für die extra kalten Tage und Nächte zum Unterziehen unter die herkömmliche Outdoor- oder Stalldecken ohne Halsteil von Premier Equine
die zusätzliche Wärmeisolierung mit 200 g Polyfill hält Ihr Pferd warm und ist dabei trotzdem besonders leicht und anschmiegsam.

atmungsaktiv und antibakterielles Innenfutter
Gepolsterte Widerristbereich
Edelstahl Schnallen
sehr einfach an der Aussendecke heranzubringen
Material: 100% Polyester
Maschinenwaschbar 30°

Our standard Rug Liners are perfect for increasing the warmth of your horse rug.
They can be attached inside any Premier Equine turnout/stable rug featuring a detachable neck cover (except the ‘Lucanta’). Easily fitted, attached using two Velcro tabs either side of the wither and two clips at the rear. Once attached to the rug our liners are secure and will not slip.

Rug Liner Key features...
Available in 100g, 200g and 350g weights
Thermo bonded filling
Crafted from antibacterial and anti-static breathable polyester
Channel quilted monogram design on fabric outer and lining
Attachments compatible with all Premier Equine turnout/stable rugs that have a detachable neck cover option (except the 'Lucanta')
Highly breathable
Double front fastenings
Easy to attach to outer rug
Stainless steel hardware
Fleece lined wither pad
Designed to contour over the wither and rump area
Machine washable (30°), dry naturally
We recommend increasing the weight of your liners in sync with the change in temperatures based on your horse’s personal needs. Keeping your horse warm and comfortable in cooler weather can help maintain their condition.

200g Rug Liner
The 200g medium weight rug liner is a popular choice among people who require a significant increase in the warmth of their horse’s rug. Great for use during cold/bitter Spring, Autumnal and Winter periods.